Rodney and Kathy Tolleson
Founders of the
Younger Next Year Club

Hi and Welcome to the Younger Next Year Club,

About five years ago, we made a commitment to  work on our health and fitness.  We set up a private club – just the two of us.  The requirement was that we would add, eliminate or change something in our life so we would be younger the next year.  We can truly say at 70 and 64, we feel younger now than twenty years ago.  As the years went on, family and friends began to comment and we would tell them that they could join our Younger Next Year Club.  There’s no fees or responsibilities.  To become a member all you have to do is commit to changing something in your life that would make you younger next year and you’re in.

Our club  is for anyone who wants to pursue health, fitness and longevity.  Everyone needs a cheerleader and a place to share their victories.  That’s what this site is all about.  It’s also a place to share resources, recipes and to just have fun on the journey.  Plus, it requires us to stay accountable and committed!

Rodney and Kathy  –  Younger Next Year!